Vampire child´s heart

Here´s another cool thing we got hanging on or wall...

This I bought from the same man who made the stuff for Rob Zombie´s movie " House of 1000 corpses". He made a lot of the freaks in Captain Spauldings museum of monsters and madman.
This one was not in the movie though !
This is a shadowbox containing a vampire child´s heart.

The text reads...
In the Olde country the people were highly superstitious and often reacted boorishly to uncommon situations.
These reactions were based on fears rooted in a lack of understanding of basic scientific principles.
Thus , as a shocking as it may seem in modern times , infants in the middle ages , born with a certain physical abnormalities , were often accused of being Nosferatu or vampyre.
The children would have their still beating hearts violently extracted from their tiny bodies.
Hand forged iron spikes were then driven through the heart. The fresh corpses were dismembered and ritualistically burned in raging bonfires , whilst the entire village looked on.
The people believed that this process not only terminated the life of the supposed vampyre child , but also prevented any possible resurrection of the undead.

REF: Ancient European Customs , Traditions & Superstitions - A modern study (1832)
Prof. Ivan Jakinov , Russian Historical Institution

One got to love the "laid back country folks" !!!


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