Behold...The Alligator boy !!!

Denna varelse köpte jag av en kille i Canada som säljer dom mest bizarra saker...

Common Name: alligator boy
Scientific Name: homo sapien crocodylus


Behold, the alligator boy! This truly strange and twisted specimen was recovered from the Florida Eeverglades, where the story of the alligator boy is a local legend. As the story goes, human DNA was introduced into the local wildlife by drunken moonshine runners who hid their stills deep within the swamps to avoid the authorities in the early 20's during prohibition. While incredibly unlikely, the upper portion of this creature does look surprisingly like a human being. What is more likely is that, not unlike cro-magnon and neanderthal man, what we have here is a breed of alligator which has evolved a series of advantages in order to compete with the highly populated american crocodile for food in that region. The long, human like arms are capable of grabbing and holding food, and the upright head allows it to be clearly able to identify prey and predators alike. Reports of similar creatures have come from deep within the Louisiana Bayou, however both regions are so full of dense undergrowth and swampland that launching a scientific mission would be nearly impossible.


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